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    Tripod pneumatic telescopic mast

    Number of Segment : 5 Initial height : 1500 mm Maximum Height : 5000 mm payload : 50 kg Working air pressure : 2 - 2.5 kg Mastweight : 34kg Material : Aluminum alloy Surface : hard anodized treatment

    1. Product description

    PTmast Light-Weight Mast Series are specifically designed for extraordinary 
    customer experiencethe most evident features are its light-weight , 
    solidity and functionality. Under the same load conditions, the weight of Ptmast mast are20% 
    lower than other counterparts due to use of the most advanced high-intensity 
    aluminium alloy material. 
    PTmast light-weight masts are widely used in vehicle-mounted lighting and camera shooting 
    systems. More specifically, the masts can be used for small-sized mobile communication 
    systems, lighting systems, vehicle-mounted solar energy systems, 
    building refugee camps, laboratories, temporary collection of meteorology data, etc.
    Products major indexes: 
    Carrying weight ≤ 50kg    Initial height ≥ 800mm    Maximum height 9000mm


    Telescopic Mast

    Telescopic Mast



    Our Pneumatic telescopic mast is made of high strength Aluminum - alloy .

    The surface coating is hard anodized so that the surface hardness, the

    anti-corrosion strength and the lifetime of the mast can be greatly improved and extended.


    1. Material advantage:

    We use new high-strength aluminum alloy to manufacture our masts, which accordingly have the leading performance when compared to the counterparts in domestic market. The leading performance are basically reflected in the following aspects:

    [1]. The materials we use greatly enhance the wind resistance of our masts.

    [2]. Under the same conditions, the weight of our products can be lighter.

    2. Production mode advantage:

    Besides the material advantage mentioned above, in order to ensure the quality of welding of our masts, we use full-automatic welding machines which can reduce the production time and improve the accuracy of the products.

    Telescopic Mast

    Telescopic Mast

    Telescopic Mast

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    Our service

    ◆ OEM&ODM,superior bespoke mast only for you. It is our number one responsibility to try our best to manufacture the bespoke mast according to your requirements.

    Quick Response, always by your side. We promise that your inquiry related to our products will be replied within 24 hours.

    Your privacy, we protect. We promise to keep your information confidential.

    We are committed to a 12-month warranty period (not including artificial damage)

    Our goal and achieve
    Highful mast - Our goal is to produce the best Mast System in China.

    Highful mast - We are one of the first Mast companies to use new supper - alloy materials. The quality and performance of our product are comparable to those in USA and Europe.

    Highful mast - By using our "TREE" advanced management system, we achieved Multifold on one platform so that the application environments can be multifunctional and integrated.

    Highful mast - We have an excellent development and manufacture team. Our high cost effective products will be manufactured based on customer's needs

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